What is Against Our Principals

Many organizations refuses work that are against their core principals. Website Design businesses often refuse pornographic work as it is demeaning to women. Advertises like Facebook often limit what types of business they will promote to the general public through their advertising network. Guardian Online Development is the same, we are a Christian Business and have a code of ethics based upon the bible. We reserve the right to refuse work that is against our core beliefs. Websites are all about promotion of ideas, as such we are unwilling to promote ideas that conflict with the bible. If you are unsure if you idea will conflict with the bible contact us or review the sample list.

Sites we will not work on

  • Any site promoting a form of Spirituality that is different to the bible
    This includes but is not limited to, tarot card reading, witchcraft, non-Christian religion, such as Islam, or atheism.
  • Soft Spirituality
    Any form of exercise or meditation that is based on Eastern Mysticism. This includes, Martial Arts, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation
  • Any form of sexual based advertising
    This includes homosexuality, pornography, and partial nudity
  • The promotion of Alcohol
    We will promote a venue that supplies alcohol as long as it is not it's primary product. We do sites for cafes, and restaurants that supply alcohol, but not for pubs, and clubs whose primary form of income is derived from the promotion of drinking.
  • Sites promoting Gambling
    Due to its destructive nature to families, we will not work on sites promoting gambling.
  • Evolution Any site promoting evolution as the origins of man and animals.


Your Email and Contact Details

We will only use your email address and contact details for purposes that are a part of the every day working of the business. We will not sell them to others, or use them to promote our personal products. Guardian Online Development will store your details on our computers in a manner that helps protect your privacy, using virus checkers and firewalls, but we do not state that your details will ever be 100% safe from theft or intrusion, be it online or physical.

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