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What we offer

We are a Website Design business run by Website Designer with 21 years experience. It is our aim to keep prices reasonable. We don't have hefty markups. But we are also not a beginner charging low rates because the quality of work is questionable.

There is not a lot we can not do. We can build a basic Website, or integrate with email, Facebook, SMS or other systems.

Some of our Packages

Basic 5 page Website $1600* AUD

The basic Website package is designed to get your information Online as quickly as possible. We customise the colours to suit your logo, or brand, and do some graphic design. If you are looking for a highly custom look consider using one of our Graphic Designers. The basic site has the following inclusions as default.

Mobile Ready

We will ensure that your website can be viewed easily on a mobile phone or device, using what is called responsive design. You would be surprised at the number of people who use mobile phones to access websites, as an example if you use Facebook ads the largest percentage of users are on mobile devices.

Update-able Content

Depending on the technology we choose, you will be able to update the websites content when it is completed. We often use a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress for our sites. We design sites in a way that makes it easy for you to edit and add your own content. A benefit for you is that you will not have to continually pay us for minor updates to your site.

The disadvantage of updating your own content is you may make mistakes that impact on the visual and written appeal of the site. We sometimes recommend a site that is only editable by us due to this fact.

Stock Photos Included

The basic package includes stock photos, but not detailed content writing, text should be provided by you, we will do content writing if you are unsure what to add.

Website Extras

Want a visual or functional design added to the basic site then you can choose to optionally add the following additional services to your website. These services are designed to value add to your site.

Extra Page +$150

To add an additional page to your website add $150 per page.

Basic SEO +$1000

Be found on search networks, like Google. We add meta data to your site to help you be found on the Web.

Online Shop +$1000

If you need to add shopping cart ability to your Wordpress Website, it is charged at $1000 for WooCommerce. However we recommend the use of Shopify for most shopping sites. Shopify needs little maintenance (being run by a million dollar company). However, Shopify can be a little pricey, in situations where budget is limited we may build a custom store.

Training +$40 p/h

Any training you need, or computer general support is charged at $40 per hour.

Chinese Language Translation +$40 p/h

Need your website translated into Chinese or Chinese translated into English this is charged at $40 per hour.

Graphic Design by quote

Graphic Design needs to be quoted, as your requirements will determine the cost, however generally you will be looking at around $2000 for a complete site design.

Custom Website Coding

We are not limited to small Websites. We have a keen as mustard programmer, with experience in enterprise and business solutions. We can custom program your larger Web solution for you.

Chinese Translator for Website

We can do Chinese language Websites in Australia

We can build Chinese language Websites, and have access to English to Chinese, or Chinese to English translators on and off site. Are you Chinese and worry that you can't write in English on your Website, don't worry we can translate for you? Are you English and want access to native Chinese translators, we have them.

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Stand out from the crowd with our SEO

SEO Applied

Search Engine Optimization

To be found on the Web you will need to have some SEO applied to your site. Although we don't claim to be Search Engine Optimization genius’s we do know SEO principals, so we try to build in to your website best SEO practices.

What is SEO useful for? It helps you be found on search engines like Google, bing, etc, the more often you are found the more often you will make a sale, or gain exposure to your brand.

Basic SEO is not a comprehensive SEO plan but rather SEO basics that are aimed at increasing the SEO readiness of the Website. It is intended to increase your likelihood to be found on search networks, but we do not claim it will shoot you to the top of Google.

We offer skills and service

Best Web Design with Guardian Online Development


Don't let the experience turn sour

Trust our highly skilled team, our lead programmer has 21 years experience. Having worked for many businesses, both small and large, including for government over his career.

Corporate Components

We are not limited to small business sites, we have worked with larger corporations, and still do corporate Web design, so if you are a corporate business we can build the component you need, or integrate your Website with your CRM or other business system. We offer Website programming skills to those who need it, creating components, and gadgets for your Websites.

We have worked with API systems, including systems that integrate with Australia Post and Aramex labeling API's, as well as many other smaller and large API's. Such as Shopify's API system.

You may be a Graphic Designer looking for a programmer, a business owner who needs to reach out to new customers, or a Marketing Guru needing a site for your clients, what ever your need we will help you meet your goal.

Growth it's in our blood

Website growth with Guardian Online Development

We want you back, so we will do the best we can to offer you a high quality service at a reasonable price.

Some of our Workers

Example Website

Robert Palmer 21+ years

Robert Palmer loves what he does, when he is not with his young family he is working on Websites, visual designs, or God forbid, playing a computer game or two. He has 21 years Web Design experience + four years of university study in computers and mathematics on top of it. Additional to those skills he has also studied some Graphic Design. He is skilled with WordPress, can handle some Joomla, and has worked on large PHP (a web language) based websites involving MySQL query integration and optimization for business. He has also worked for the Department of Education creating Web based interfaces, and learning objects. Robert is not happy until every thing just works.


Website Hosting

Web Hosting is space on a server where your website files are placed by you or your website designer. These files make up your website. When someone types your domain name into a web browser such as Internet Explorer, these files are then displayed and shown to you as a website with text and graphics. We can help you with file transfers, and other Web hosting tasks.

Timely web hosting

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is the name you type into the address bar of your browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla as well as other programs. You need a domain name so people can find you on the Internet. A domain name is like your home address. We can help you manage your domain name.


Church Discount Web Design

We give churches discounts

Need church Website Design or a logo? We will give you a discount. Ask us for more information regarding this offer.

A registered charity? A discount applies

Are you a registered charity? We will give you a discount on your Website or Graphic Design.


*prices include GST in the cost.

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