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60% off for Churches, and Charities

Guardian Online Development is run by a Christian who understands the bible and the life of Jesus. If you are after a church Website then you have come to the right place, we give 60% discount off our standard packages to Christian churches, and discount our hourly rate to $30. We have been creating Websites for well over 20 years, so have the knowledge to get a good site out.

Guardian Online Development is also connected to Christian Graphic Designers, if you need a design project then we can find you the appropriate designer.


Christian Graphic Designers

Guardian Online Development owns and runs a directory of Christian Graphic Designers. We are also connected to many Christian Graphic Artists here in Australia, who we can connect for you.

Advance the Kingdom through Design

Being connected to a Christian business is beneficial for the advancement of faith, and the church. Christians are more likely to spend the money you pay them on things that will advance the Kingdom of God, and help the poor. So in a sense you are double dipping, spending your money on a good product, and building the family of God.

Christian Psychology Helps

Doctors understand doctors, dentists dentists, and Christians other Christians. Having a Christian designer work on your church based project will save you time, as you will not need to explain simple biblical concepts to your designer. Use the contact form below if you are after Website Design, or want to connect with an Aussie Christian Graphic Designer. If you are after a designer in your region check the directory of Christian Graphic Designers for some one in your country.

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